Cooltech Marketing Inc. launched 3 new Cooling Sportswear garments unique to the active wear industry:

  • Cooling Tee (T-Shirt for men and women)
  • Cooling Sports Bra
  • Cooling Cami (Camisole)cooltech sportswear

Cooltech Marketing, Inc. believes its versatile sportswear containing lightweight, controlled temperature cool packs will appeal to diverse consumer groups- amateur and professional athletes who participate in everything from extreme sports to lunch-hour cardio workouts, sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis, women experiencing hot-flash symptoms of menopause, and those exposed or vulnerable to heat stress.

Cooltech’s sportswear garments are made of a high-wicking, highly breathable stretch fabric. They can be worn as either under or outer wear. Each garment contains inside pockets–one running horizontally across the chest and one vertically down the spine–into which cool packs are inserted. Energizing the cool packs is quick and easy–30 minutes in the refrigerator or, to hasten the process, the packs can be immersed in ice water and ready in 15 minutes.

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