After 8 years of developing outdoor gear for wildland firefighters and search & rescue teams, Coaxsher™ is excited to announce its first venture into the wildland fire apparel market with the launch of its CX Wildland Vent Brush Shirt.

Wildland Vent Brush Shirt by Coaxsher

As a former wildland firefighter, company co-owner Kyle Cox felt that other shirts currently on the market needed better ventilation and increased comfort and maneuverability.

After getting input from active wildland firefighters, the Cox brothers developed and designed a prototype for testing – the CX Wildland Vent Brush Shirt. It is a long-sleeved shirt made with Coaxsher’s patent pending “Xvent” system that allows heat to escape from the body. As the most advanced product of its kind, the CX Wildland Vent Brush Shirt is also lightweight, easy to access and contains multiple pockets for the storage of pens, tools and other small items needed by firefighters in the course of duty.

The CX Wildland Brush Shirt also contains specially-designed shoulder pockets to create space for fire-retardant padding (sold separately) to be inserted for added comfort. Available in sizes from XS through XXXL, the shirt comes in bold yellow for easy visibility.

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