The volume of fibre consumed in the manufacture of finished textile products in the USA fell in 2008. The decline in 2008 amounted to 1,323 mn lb (600,100 tons), and brought total fibre usage down to 9,214 mn lb—12.6% lower than in 2007.

Synthetic Fibres

In terms of fibre type, the biggest fall in consumption was in synthetic filament yarns. Here, usage declined by 573 mn lb, representing a drop of 11.5%. There was also a fall in synthetic staple fibre usage —amounting to 11.0%, while cotton usage was down by 20.9%. Wool consumption also decreased but the fall was a modest of 15.9%.

In industrial applications, the largest end use was fibrefill, stuffing and flock, followed by medical, surgical and sanitary, and unallocated nonwovens. However, fibre usage declined in all of the 17 end uses. The largest declines in absolute terms were witnessed in miscellaneous end uses, followed by fibrefill, stuffing and flock in second place, unallocated nonwovens in third place, medical, surgical and sanitary applications in fourth place, and tyres in fifth place.

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