Coming in early 2010, Hospital Curtain Solutions will feature three new eco-friendly, flame-retardant hospital curtain fabric patterns in their online selection of hospital curtains. Designed in a collaboration between Arc-Com and award winning guest designer Emma Gardner, the Midori Collection consists of three Asian influenced patterns; Sensu (Japanese for fan), Mori (forest), and Nami (wave). All three patterns will be comprised of 52% post consumer recycled FR polyester and 48% FR polyester. They are manufactured with Nanotex stain resistant protection, as well as BioAM antimicrobial finish.

Eco-friendly curtain for Hospital

Pattern Sensu’s flowing layout creates soothing movement within a structured geometric frame of reference. Pattern Mori integrates the organic form with structure to conjure the sense of bringing the outdoors in. Pattern Nami evokes the delicate quality of the flowing tides, gracefully swaying back and forth. Soft blues, browns and greens dominate each pattern’s palette while terracotta, siennas and golds shape the final color choices.