The need for hydroentagled lightweight products in the medical and hygiene sectors is still fast growing especially in Asia where the Chinese market plays a major role, a technical textile machinery supplier observes.

The carding systems of DiloSpinnbau for web forming in wide working widths are intended for high web speeds as they are used as direct cards. They have been accepted in the market as a standard for highest productivity.

Four carding installations of this type by DiloSpinnbau were sold to producers in working widths from 3.7 to 5.1 m in the last few months, DiloGroup says.

The company explains that DiloSpinnbau has made a breakthrough in regard to fibre throughput and evenness with the newly developed “Multifeed”. At highest throughputs of about 400 kg/m of working width per hour with 1.7 dtex fibres, an evenness in the cross direction of CV 2 – 3 within the flock mat before the card infeed can still be realized. Evenness in the machine direction is controlled by an additional apron scale which controls the card’s infeed speed.