Pulsar - New program for seamless technology

Pulsar is a new product developed by Dinema together with Santoni to program a seamless machine.

Seamless machines - Santoni

The detail and variety of items which can be knitted on a seamless machine has reached complex levels that new knitting methods are needed, according to Santoni. In contrast to most software packages, Pulsar is an Expert System program that allows users to create their desired knitted articles without the worry on the mechanical aspect.

The program allows the designer to first view the color composition of the article and then in details the stitch structure. It also uses identical pattern development methods allowing the designer to match different combinations of stitch structures to the visible aspects of the articles (colors). Santoni says the main feature of the Pulsar program is the significant reduction of the knitting time of any article.

Following a details analysis of the designer’s work, Pulsar can also recommend to the user the yarn set-up on the machine which, should the user confirm, would then automatically create and send a program directly to the machine for knitting the article. It is compatible with Santoni’s Digraph3 plus system as well.