Dutch company CT International is launching a new product called RescueProtectionSet at this week’s Interschutz Exhibition in Leipzig, Germany, the world’s largest trade fair for incident management, crisis management and disaster relief. RescueProtectionSet is aimed at the emergency response market and has been specially designed to protect fire fighters and other emergency service workers who have to rescue casualties from vehicles that have been involved in an accident.

RescueProtectionSet, which is produced using TenCate RSQshield fabric and manufactured by TenCate Outdoor Fabrics is a high-tech protective fabric which is said to comply with all the necessary standards. The fabric is weather resistant, fungicidal, water repellent and dirt resistant and is also said to be easy to clean. According to CT International, the fluorescent lime-green, high visibility coating ensures that the set is clearly visible and the fabric does not absorb water when it rains.

William Bettonviel and Christian Trimbach, both directors at CT International of Raamsdonksveer (NL) explain:

“When you for example cut away the roof of a crashed vehicle, you are usually left with sharp edges and protrusions. It is essential to cover these in order to protect both emergency workers and casualties from being injured. After all, an accident is bad enough in itself, without casualties suffering further trauma. Covering both the vehicle and the casualty with protective fabric allows emergency workers to work more efficiently and faster.”


“This lightweight, highly durable TenCate fabric is also resistant to both flames and sparks. And thus enables the process of cutting open the vehicle to progress much more safely. The casualty remains completely protected during the whole operation.”

The covers of the RescueProtectionSet can be simply attached to the vehicle by means of strong magnets.