Tuesday night’s kickoff to the second annual Fashion’s Night Out was almost a standard fashion show—if standard fashion shows were held in perfect September weather in the open-air plaza of New York’s Lincoln Center, open to the public, and attended by 1,500-plus people wearing everything from scruffy old ballet flats to Payless pumps to silver-studded Louboutins. People may love to take swipes at Vogue’s editor, but Anna Wintour knows what she is doing, and does it with a marksman’s aim: The show she produced, the largest public fashion show in the city’s history, was a heady concoction of gorgeous clothes, loud music, enviable beauty, and sartorial democracy.

Models walk the runway during Fashion's Night Out: The Show at Lincoln Center on September 7, 2010 in New York City.

Included in this year’s de facto buzz around the parade of premiere world fashions at the 2010 Fashion Week is the anticipation of its debut at Lincoln Center. Out from the tents of Bryant Park, the epicenter of New York fashion has a new address and more access than ever, boasting longer and wider runways, a fourth presentation stage and a lobby that “no longer feels like a holding pen,” says Peter Levy of IMG Fashion, which puts on the shows.

One of the main reasons for Fashion Week’s move uptown was the growing demand for access from members of the press and the public. Fashion Week is essentially a trade show. A particularly glamorous trade show, but a trade show nonetheless. As the focus of the event turned more and more away from that fact, the crunch for space and access was simply unavoidable at the Fifth Avenue address.

Joining Campbell was Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bündchen, who hit the catwalk in a gorgeous black, white, and gray gown with other A-list models as they circled Lincoln Center's iconic Revson Fountain.

Fresh from the Venice Film Festival, British model Naomi Campbell stomped in front of the Lincoln Center Opera House to help close out Fashion's Night Out: The Show on Tuesday night, proving two decades after her career took off that she still has it.

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