Levi’s® – the original, definitive jeans brand – announced the global launch of the Levi’s® Digital Fitting Experience, an interactive destination for women to explore and buy their perfect fitting jeans online. The Levi’s® Digital Fitting Experience provides women with engaging content and personalized tools to demystify the process of finding perfect-fitting jeans based on their shape, not size.

“We started out by listening to the internal dialogue women have with themselves when trying on jeans,” said Mary Alderete, Levi’s® Vice President of Global Women’s Marketing. “What we found is that 54% of women try on at least 10 pairs of jeans, yet when the jeans don’t fit, women blame themselves. Our research showed that 80% of women around the world fall into three distinct body shapes, so one size could never fit all. Our goal is to engage women online with our interactive, custom fit experience that will match them with their perfect Levi’s® CURVE ID fit whether they are a Slight Curve, Demi Curve or Bold Curve. We believe this will change the way women shop for jeans forever. ”

Combining the qualities of TV advertising, web content and tailored fit expertise, the Levi’s® Digital Fitting Experience gives women all the tools they need to find the perfect fit for their unique body shape. Women will be able to identify their Levi’s® CURVE ID fit by completing an interactive quiz and following a simple step-by-step measurement process. They can also get the inside story on the unique fit science through ‘behind the scenes’ interviews with Levi’s® designers and some of the inspirational women who wear Levi’s® CURVE ID jeans. Available in 50 countries and in 20 different languages, the Levi’s® Digital Fitting Experience will help to ensure women have the opportunity to find their perfect jeans fit from around the world. The content can be accessed via on www.levi.com/women.

“We set out to create an online experience that mirrors the quality and innovation of the Levi’s® CURVE ID fit system,” said Vincent Stuhlen, Digital Marketing Director for Levi’s® Europe, Middle East and North Africa. “The Levi’s® brand is renowned for its iconic campaigns and with the launch of one of our most significant global digital campaigns to date, our goal was to create an online experience that stayed true to the company’s rich audio-visual heritage. We partnered with world-class creative talent to blend the diverse worlds of art direction with the latest technology and social media tools – all to make it easy for women to find their perfect fit.”

Bringing the Levi’s® consumer experience to the web

In developing the site, great care was taken to deliver the creative experience consumers have come to expect from the Levi’s® brand. In Europe and Asia, the Levi’s® Digital Fitting Experience is supported by an advertising campaign featuring inspiring women who have discovered the perfect fit with Levi’s® CURVE ID jeans. Swedish electro star Lykke Li, British musician Pixie from Violet, and DJ and model Miss Nine talk exclusively on the site about their creative journeys, their style inspirations and their hunt for the perfect fitting jeans.  In the Americas, the ad campaign provokes women to rethink the way they shop for jeans with the headline “All Asses Are Not Created Equal.”  In this new democracy of jeans, the Levi’s® Digital Fitting Experience features an amazing gallery of real women in all three Levi’s® CURVE ID fits in every size offered on the website.

Discovering your Levi’s® CURVEID fit wherever you are

The Levi’s® Digital Fitting Experience gives women the opportunity to engage with the Levi’s® brand across multiple digital channels, allowing them to share content with friends on social media platforms and via a soon to be launched mobile platform. The technology will also be integrated across major e-commerce partner platforms.