The Lakmé Grand Finale proved to be a befitting end to the extravaganza that is Lakmé Fashion Week. Malini Ramani showcased Lakmé’s theme for the season – the Gypsy Collection, at the Grand Finale.

Inspired by her personal journeys through different parts of the World, Malini’s collection was a celebration of colour and textures. True to her style the clothes were vibrant, feminine and bohemian. The looks seen on the ramp were created with products from the Lakme Gypsy Collection and added to the glamour and free spiritedness of the garments.


The Gypsy Collection by Malini Ramani was a riot of colours and styles. The show started with the interesting audio visual, which revealed Malini’s state of mind that reflected in her gorgeous clothes. It was the Mystery, Bliss, Cosmic and Nirvana of life which were the titles of the four divisions that featured exotic, tribal, gypsy creations from various parts of the world.

Starting the show with Mystery, the exotic black long creations with shimmering mirror and shell embroidery had halter sarongs, waist coats, Jodhpur pants, mini rompers, jersey gowns, dhoti jumpers, quilted skinny pants, black and white tasseled smocks with interesting batik work.

The second section Bliss was a mélange of hues that ranged from yellow, red, orange, black, brown and green stripes and prints with batik for beach tubes, minis, draped printed vests, slim slinky gowns, which had an abundance of placement prints on cuffs, yoke and front and a sensational red printed mini with glitter.

Onto the third journey of fashion and discovery, Malini went into Cosmic mode with diagonal one shoulder sleeve minis with the magnificent feather, shell and coin embellishments. Gilets had bead work and ombre minis had feathered necklines. Kaftans crossed over with wide embellished bands and the grand one sleeve batwing outfit was a superb tribal vision.

Finally into Nirvana, it was black and red with mirror work tops, tasseled skirts, jersey panelled maxis and embroidered bodices that caught the attention on the ramp.

The sections were interspersed by the most amazing acrobatic acts that left the audience spellbound.

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