With Milan’s designers removing the hard edges in fashion, and dropping hemlines, shoes have taken on proportions and tones to suit. Handbags, too, are not sprouting as much ornament as in the past or demanding their own place on the sidewalk. A sneak peak on shoes, handbags and glasses form the Gucci, Prada, Fendi and Verace spring 2011 shows.

Tassels were a theme at Gucci’s spring 2011 show.

Gucci Spring 2011

Gucci Spring 2011

Spiral eyewear from the Prada spring 2011 show.

Prada Spring 2011

A boxy canvas bag at Prada spring 2011 show

The platforms at Fendi had cork and wood in the mix.

Fendi show spring 2011

Belts and bags at Fendi spring show 2011

Also at Fendi, belts and bags (modest in size and softly structured, with handles) also told a color-blocking story. Linked bracelets, worn in sets of different colors and size, supported the lighter attitude.

Versace spring 2011