Sigvaris, a global leader in medical compression therapy, has announced that its popular EverSheer line is now available in 15-20mmHg compression to meet the demands of women that want a sheer look year-round.

EverSheer is said to deliver consistent sheerness from ankle to thigh and is available in several easy-to-wear styles including knee-highs, thigh-highs and pantyhose.  Select shades are also available in open-toe styles for fashionable wear with spring and summer shoes.

“The EverSheer product has been one of the most popular premium products Sigvaris has ever launched,” says Jonas Thelin, marketing director for Sigvaris North America. “Now, women who need a lighter strength of compression will be able to experience all the benefits of wearing a medically measured garment.”

“Sigvaris EverSheer offers a stylish hosiery option for women’s every day wear and may be used as a maintenance therapy option after recovery from a vein procedure. EverSheer combines all-day softness with comfort leaving women with a soft fabric against their skin,” the company said.

Where Efficacy Meets Fashion

  • Relieves tired and aching legs


  • Excellent breathability and moisture management for your comfort
  • Double-covered yarns make it soft to the skin yet easy to don
  • No binding behind the knee

Superior Thigh Band

Benefits of patented Sensinnov thigh band with silicone Grip-top:

  • Stays in place with less skin irritation
  • Excellent moisture management
  • Comfortable for everyday wear


Double-covered yarns ensure durability and a long product life.

Fiber content

Calf: 69% nylon / 31% spandex
Thigh and Pantyhose: 64% nylon / 36% spandex  

Latex Free


  • Mild varicosites
  • Swelling
  • Post sclerotherapy
  • During pregnancy to help prevent varicose veins
  • Long distance travel
  • Standing and sitting for long hours

EverSheer is also said to provide excellent breathability and moisture management, making it the suitable to wear year-round for work, dress-up or travel.

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