Textile(s), part of everybody’s life is offering incredible opportunities to explore and experiment with. With the facts and figures being published and debated upon in books, seminars etc., most of us are now getting to know more-n-more about this Industry and galore options of graduation and PG or vocational courses. The Industry has soon become the point of interest amongst the youth as it not only boosts up their creative senses but also satisfies their hunger for good carrier choices. Including history of textiles, continuity of the past traditions and fusion of textiles over the period has captured great attention of generation next across the world.

This blog aims at consolidating and listing up everything about textiles, to the best of my knowledge, for the information and understanding of the interested and aspiring candidates. An attempt has been made to write about important facts related to Textiles, historic aspects, Industry updates and all other possible linkages to this field. In short an information blog for those who want a leading square to further build the blocks.

Myself Deepti Bansal and I pursued my carrier further in Textiles. After doing B.Sc Home Science with specialisation in Textile and Clothing from Delhi University, I went for M.Sc Textiles and Clothing from Delhi University for my post graduation. Those two years were my best chance to closely experience and interact in and out about textiles. Innovative observing, Creative learning and artistic execution became integral and theoretical and practical know-how further boosted up my intuitive. Later I aggressively studied about an upcoming non-clothing application of textiles being Technical Textiles. According to recent reports technical applications of textile have a bright future in India and hence lately lots of foreign companies and university experts have flooded Indian symposium halls transferring knowledge about these. Writing this blog is an attempt to list traditional, contemporary and technical picks for textiles.